Friday, May 4, 2012

Quaker House

This was our first NY attraction that we visited after getting off the plane and eating lunch at a diner on Long Island. We didn't waste any time. Derrick's colleague, who was so hospitable (along with her husband), allowed us to stay two nights of our trip with them....which kept us from paying the high prices in the city. So, we stayed the first night with them as well as the last night and had the other two nights in the city. After we got there, she took us to several fun places in their "neck of the woods" upon our request (and a couple of surprise places!).  ;) One place we really wanted to visit (or I should say my husband wanted to visit) was the Bethpage Golf Course....and this Quaker House and Cemetary was just across the road and was an added bonus! This was such a quaint little place that was filled with lots of history and very old grave markers. It was right off the road and probably forgotten or not "seen" by the locals most of the time but it had lots of historical meaning!

Anyway, these are the pictures I took of this visit. You can see the head stones were out in the open as well as in the middle of the woods. We found some pretty old dates, some that dated back before the civil war. Very interesting! I just couldn't get this layout to come together. I have been laying it out since last week...I just couldn't get it to flow for some reason. But, today it finally came together enough, and I liked it! ;). I hope you do too and I hope you don't get stuck like I did on your next layout! I hate when that happens. I think it may be working with the 8 1/2 x 11 pages that make me that way. I am so used to working with 12x12 that sometimes I need to step out of the box and work with something a little different to get my mind working in another way....make sense?

Hope you have a great day and upcoming weekend, and remember, it is always homemade.


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