Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Family Birthday Cards

So, here is my confession for the year to all of our family.  Instead of making each individual card differently for each member of our family, this year all the girls are getting one card and the all the guys are getting another.  The girl's card you saw last week on World Card Making Day but the guy's card is new.  I used the chevron embossing folder for the background and then just used half of a circle punch for the banners.  I raided my scrap box and made 12 cards with all scraps.  So, this card is also a great way to use your scraps.  I then sewed the banner pieces onto the card.  This is the first time I have ever sewn on a card!  Usually my sewing machine is not just sitting out but the day I started making cards, it was!  So, since I have been wanting to make this card for a while (but my machine is never out) I thought this would be a prime time to make them.  So, off to work I went.  Here are the results of my sewing adventures......


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