Saturday, October 6, 2012

World Card Making Day Has Arrived!!!!!

World Card Making Day 2012

I, like many of you, love to make cards!  It is so much fun using your creative juices creating all of our cards, but also, it is even more fun sending them out to others!  You know, I have heard a fellow card maker say, that when YOU make cards, it is rare that you get one in your own mailbox.  But, we LOVE when we do! is card making day!  Do you know how many people in the world today will be making cards to share with others?  Probably thousands and maybe even more!  So, why not sit down at your crafting space and make a few cards today!  Just tell your family that you HAVE to because, it IS world cardmaking day, you know! 

Well, I on the other hand have been working this week to bring you a few quick, easy, clean and simple cards that I have made to send in to the Paper Craft Magazine contest.  (I would appreciate it if you would not copy these cards and send them in under your name.  If you do, you will have to live with that decision.  If you duplicate these cards please use them for your personal use.) 

Now, here are a few of the cards I made this week.  Hope you enjoy and have a great day making lots of cards to share with others! 

Have a wonderful, stampin' day!  Remember, here at H.S. Homemade, it is always, always, always homemade!


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