Monday, December 12, 2011

A New Adventure

Call me crazy, but I am about to start a "crafty" blog.  If you know me, you know that in all my "spare" time, which there is little of, I stamp, scrapbook, craft and create.  I have many people who live near me and far away that ask me how I do things, where I get ideas and just want to see what I, this blog is going to be for that purpose.  I hope that it will keep me on task and to make me work on things that I have put off, especially my scrapbooking!  I am a couple of years behind on my family albums, one year behind on my second child's first year album, and several years behind on vacation is sad, really!  So, I am going to make a schedule of things that I plan to post throughout the next year.  I plan to post at least one scrapbook layout each week, one card layout/idea, and then any other ideas/crafts that I do each week.  I am always making something, so surely, I will have enough to post :-).  I will begin my proposed schedule the first week of the new year.  Obviously, this time of year is sooooo busy but I hope to post a couple of things before this year ends. 

Just so you know what I am working with and doing the majority of my crafts with, here is a list of my "go-to tools": 
1.  Cricut Expression (with cartridges and SCAL software)
2.  Cuttlebug (Which I use mostly to emboss)
3.  Score Board (by Martha Stewart)
4.  Glue Gun
5.  Stamps (of all kinds)
6.  etc...etc...etc...

I have all the normal tools like the paper trimmer, circle cutter system (by Creative Memories), Crop-a-Dile (small and large), Crop-a-Dile Corner Chomper (heavy duty), pens, scissors, punches (of all shapes and sizes) and of course...ALL KINDS OF PAPER!!!

I have been scrapbooking since I was in high school and in the last 5 years or so, have really branched out to all types of paper crafts.  I will be the first to admit most of my projects are copied or inspired by things that I have seen somewhere (on internet, blogs, pinterest, magazines, etc...) and when I copy an idea, I will link you to the original or at least tell you where I got it from.  I will not take credit for other people's ideas!  I may make the same project but I may change it to fit my tastes, go about it differently or simply just use the all depends on the project.  I have no alligance to a company or certain product, I simply use whatever I can find to work with at any "crafty" store., I hope you love the blog and the ideas that are held within!  Enjoy my creations and know that they are always homemade!  Here goes....


vcarden on December 20, 2011 at 8:19 PM said...

I look forward to learning how you did that beautiful wreath I saw on Facebook!

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