Monday, December 26, 2011

Paper Rosette Wreath

I got this idea from seeing a paper rosette wreath on Google Images. Here is a picture of what I saw:

Apparently, it was in a mini catalog of Stampin' UP!. It was so cute, I decided to make it with no instructions...I would just wing it...surprisingly, it went very well! The first one I did was the Halloween one seen below. I then decided to take one to our annual "Ornament Swap" this December that we have with all the ladies at church. This one was so cute...there is a picture below as well. Well, our preacher's wife liked it, but didn't get it (we play dirty Santa) and I offered to make her one. She accepted, brought me some "vintage" paper that would match her decorations in her bedroom, along with an old black and white photo of some distant relatives, and I went to work! This was my best yet! The picture just doesn't give it justice! Now that I have made three, and having actually decided to watch a couple of YouTube videos about making the rosettes, maybe this will help you NOT to "wing it"! ;)

Items Needed:

12x12 piece of cardboard or wood
5-6  pieces of double-sided thick cardstock paper with desired prints
Glue Gun and glue sticks
20 - 1 to 2 inch circles cut out of scrap cardstock
Score can be a board or a blade that fits into your paper trimmer
Matching brads, buttons, flowers...whatever you plan to top your rosettes with
Materials to make your accent piece

Before you begin this project, I want you to go to and search "Christmas Paper Rosettes Tutorial" and you should see a video pop up that is by craftdiva99.  These are the basics of making a paper rosette.  I have not done any videos yet and this is the best way to show you how to do these rosettes.  The biggest difference with what I do and what she does is that I use hot glue on all the areas that need to be secured because I have found, after making 3 of these wreath,s that it holds the best.  Also, I use a 2 inch circle to secure the rosette instead of the rectangular piece she used.  I also believe that thicker cardstock paper is the best choice of paper to make these. now that you have watched the video on how to make the rosettes, here are my directions to make the wreath...

1.  Cut out a background circle to attach all your rosettes want to do this first, because as you make your rosettes, you can place them on the circle to see how they will fit and how many more you need to make.  My background circle is about 12 x 12 in diameter and about an 1 1/2 wide.  I made mine out of thick can make it out of cardboard, wood, etc...anything sturdy. 

                                                     Wood Circle

2.  The girl in this video appeared to score each strip individually...I didn't want to waste time, so I took my 5-6 pieces of 12x12 paper and scored the whole length of each sheet at every 1/4 inch before I did anything else.  I cut my strips that I needed, as seen below in the next step.  After you score the entire piece of paper, to make your strips you cut PERPENDICULAR to the score lines that you have made.  (See picture below)

3.  The large rosettes on my wreath are 2 inch wide strips that are 18 inches will have to attach 6 inches to a strip of 12 inches.  DO NOT discard the extra 6 inch will probably be needed again.  I cut the strips, adhered the two strips together and THEN folded the strip in an accordian fashion.  I just thought it was easier to attach the extra strip first before I folded.
     The smaller rosettes are 1 1/2 inches wide and 12 inches long and done the same way as in the video.  You make all the sizes and number of rosettes that you need and then you attach them to your background circle with hot glue.   

4.  When you have all of your rosettes finished, you can now decide what you would like to be on the bottom, right rosette...For Halloween I embossed a black cat, added gemstones for eyes and an orange bow around his neck.  For the Holiday Wreath I embossed Swiss Dots on the circle I placed on top of my rosette, used VersaMark and heat embossed some glittery powder on the circle and then adhered a 3D Christmas Tree onto the large circle.  On the third one that I did for my preacher's wife, she wanted a vintage photograph (of her distant relatives), in a very lightweight frame, placed on the wreath.  They all turned out so can do anything on the wreath that you would like to!  Just use your imagination!  Once you get the hang of it, it won't take long at all! 

Halloween Wreath

Christmas Wreath

I hope this helps some of you create one on your own!  Remeber it is always fun, and always homemade!!!  If you have any questions, please feel free to email me!


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