Thursday, December 22, 2011

"Sour Cream" Containers...Teacher Gifts

I saw this idea on a blog with a video...these are so simple and so cute.  I couldn't find the blog that I had seen when I did these but found another one with great directions and a video:

I did these for teacher gifts at Halloween and now again for Christmas.  I did the Halloween ones for my children's Bible school teachers and for my son's preschool teachers.  I just did them this time for their Bible School teachers.  These teachers work in 6 month rotations and I know PERSONALLY that these are hard jobs for 6 months at a time and they deserve a little appreciation at different times of the year.  I don't have a picture of the Halloween ones that I did but they were Halloween paper with a tag on them much like the website above.  For the Christmas ones I did, I used holiday paper and attached a reindeer head on them and stamped "Happy Holidays" on the face of the reindeer.  Simple and cute.  Just a tid bit of info:  This website above used red tape, which would work great!  I used hot glue on mine this time because regular adhesive (no matter how sticky you think it is) it is NOT GOOD ENOUGH.  Use red tape or hot glue!!!  If you use hot glue, it is a little harder to put through the paper crimper but it works just as well.  Red tape would be your best bet!  Enjoy!  Here is a pic of my reindeer containers! Remember, it is always homemade!!


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