Thursday, November 8, 2012

Petting Zoo

Yes, this is a VERY simple layout.  But, it captures the moments of that particular day and the amazement Harrison had on his face as he "petted" the animals.  We used to live in Lubbock, TX (for my husband to do his Doctorate) and about a year after we moved back to Alabama we had the oppurtunity to go back for him to preach at a Lectureship in the area.  We were so happy to have a chance to go back and see all of our friends that we missed so much!  So, we actually were there on a weekend when one of our friends' daughters had a birthday party at a well known petting zoo there in town.  So, we were able to spend time with all of our friends at the party as well as have fun with the birthday girl.  These pictures are from the petting zoo part.  Harrison, even still to this day, does not LOVE animals.  Maybe I shouldn't put it that way.....he likes them until they look in his direction.  If they come near him, he runs and screams.  It has gotten better in the last 6 months but he is still very nervous around animals of any kind.  So, these pictures remind me of that day when we wanted him to pet the animals and he wouldn't!  :)  Hope you enjoy and remember, it is always homemade.  Meet me back on Monday and I will have another sketch to share with you!  Have a great weekend.


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