Wednesday, June 6, 2012

DVD Repurpose....Pinterest Idea

So, seriously, Stacy Vaughn's tutorial for this coloring case is AWESOME!  How do people come up with these things?  I would have never thought to do this!  After this post on her blog she had two more posts that have more ideas for a DVD case.  Here are the two tutorials:  coloring case and travel checkers

I saw this idea and made two for my kids and then let them decorate the outside.  This case is great for church services, sitting at the doctor's office, car rides and much more!  My kids pick out new stickers to stash in theirs every couple of weeks at the Dollar Tree, Walmart or Target.  Wherever we may be that week when we see some cheap stickers. 

I made this video and it will be featured on another website (along with an introduction added that is not seen here) for the Keeper's At Home website.  Before you view this video I just want you to realize what I am refering to on the video when I say a few things refering to the introduction part that you will not see here.  Does that make sense? it is and have fun making this case.  Believe me, it will be used by any child you decide to make it for!  Remember, it is always so much more fun when it is homemade.


Jenn Reynolds said...

I really like this idea of the DVD repurpose.... Cool

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