Monday, June 18, 2012

Happy Father's Day

These are the cards that my kids made for my husband for Father's Day!  How cute are these???  I have seen many of these "shirt and tie" cards and one day the kids and I sat down to make them.  It was a work in progress because I wasn't sure how to do the collar.  Next time, we will do it a little different!  :)  I will tell you the right way to accomplish this!  :)

The square part of the card is 5x5....which is a 5x10 piece of paper folded in half.  The collar needs to be a piece of paper that measures about 1 1/2 inch by 7 inches.  You then fold it as shown.  It may take a minute or so to get it right.  I suggest trying it on a scrap piece first!  :-)  The tie is free-handed even though I could have cut one on the Cricut.  I drew the outline and my son (the yellow card) cut the tie out himself which makes it more personal anyway!  My daughter's (the green card) collar is not quite center but I let her put it where SHE wanted it!  :-)  You just glue to two bottom triangles of the collar to the front of the card and is done!  The kids had a blast working on these and Daddy was proud of them! 

Remember, it may be off center or crooked but it is always more sentimental when it is homemade!


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