Saturday, June 9, 2012

Quack, Quack

Okay, I know this is not a true Scrapbook Layout but this is the layout for this week!  :0)  There is a girl at church who is pregnant with her first child and her shower is next Sunday night.  I volunteered to make the sign-in sheet for the shower and voila, here it is!  The theme is obviously rubber ducks!  So cute.  So, I have been thinking about this page all week and finally put it together last night.  It turned out so well, I think!  The vellum bubbles added so much to the layout!  They look great with the royal blue bubbles as well as the yellow "rubber" ducks!  The ducks were cut from the New Arrival Cricut Cartridge at 1 3/4 inches and the bubbles at the top of the page were cut from the Everyday Paper Doll Cartridge at 9 inches.  The bubbles in the bath tub are just circles in two different sizes.  You could punch them out with punches or use a dicut machine.  This is obviously made for a sign-in sheet for a shower instead of a scrapbook page, but you could just add pictures and it becomes a very cute page in a baby book! 

I was also asked to make a couple invitations for her Mom and her Mother-in-law and a couple other family members that she wanted to invite to the shower that do not attend our congregation. So, I used the New Arrival Cricut Cartridge to make these adorable little ducks and then added the ribbon, stamps, and lining around the side.  I stamped "She's Expecting" on the outside of the envelope. I don't have many baby-ish stamps (maybe that should be my next purchase) so I went with the "She's Expecting" stamp instead of a figure stamp.  These ducks are cut at 5 inches and fit perfectly into an A2 size envelope! 

So, today you got 3 in 1!  A sign-in sheet, a possible scrapbook layout, and an invitation idea (which could also be a cute card for a baby shower).  You lucked up!  :-)  I hope everyone has a fun day of crafting and a great weekend spent with those you love!  Remember, it is always homemade!


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