Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Great To Be Back....

Yesterday, I got to make a few things at my craft desk for the first time in what seems like years! We were at my parent's home in Florida for a week, came home for three days and then left again for South Carolina for the high school graduation of my niece. So, to say the least, there has been no time for crafting. If you think that was a couple of whirlwind trips, the month of July for us is going to be even more crazy! It would be easier to tell you what days we will be home, than to list the days we will be out of town. July is always busy for us, which means that my "craft world" in the month of June is going to be crazy, getting ready for next month's posts! We are only a few hits from a total of 2000 hits since I started my blog back in December! I know that isn't many in the grand scheme of things but each day is getting more hits than the last! I am really excited about that! When I started this blog, I just didn't know how successful it would be but I have had more people say they like to follow the blog than I thought I would. When you take something on like this, you want it to be a success, and you hope it will be just that! I really appreciate all of you who follow the blog and possibly next week, there will be a give away for the lucky reader who posts a comment to an upcoming post! Keep an eye out for that and remember, it is always homemade!


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