Monday, November 5, 2012

Sketch #1

(This sketch is from April 2012)
There are several places online that you can go and find sketches for cards and scrapbook layouts.  Millions, actually!  So, this month and next we are going to do a new sketch each week.  This month, the sketches will be on Mondays.  A list of places to look for sketches are at the end of this post.
We start with this sketch which I actually saw on Pinterest and tracked it down to the original website for you guys.  With the Chevron pattern being so "in" right now, I thought this would be a fun one to start out with.  As you look at my card below, it is obvious that I did not copy it exactly but you can see the general layout in my card.  That is the point of get your brain working and make something original. 
Hope you enjoy the sketches to come and remember it is always homemade.

Here are a few places to go to for inspiration through sketches.


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