Monday, April 16, 2012

$1 Card Sets...For The "Creativity-Challanged"

I know many out there are looking at this blog and others thinking, "How do these people come up with this stuff?  I could never do anything this creative!"....but, I am here to tell you, that YES YOU CAN!!  Today's post and video is just for you!  If you can glue, tie a bow and use a stamp....YOU CAN DO THIS!!  One of these sets came from the dollar area in Target and the other came from the dollar area in Micheal's.  For two whole dollars, a stamp and a couple of scrap pieces of paper, you can have a whole set of homemade cards in your pocket!  Watch the video and see what you can accomplish in just a few minutes!  The final pics are below. 

And for those of you who think you are NOT creative, just remember, push yourself a little bit because it is always better when you believe in yourself and actually do something out of your comfort zone!  Remember, it is always fun and always homemade!


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