Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Bow Board and How-to For $5

So, since my daughter is almost two, I thought I better get this project done!  Her bows have been just in a small (too small) box sitting in her room since she had enough hair to wear one.  I just made her some new, bigger bows and the box just became way too small.  Every time we put a bow in her hair we had to dump the whole box out to find the bow we wanted....So. Not. Fun!  So, FINALLY, I got myself in gear and put this together one night.  It really only took about 30 minutes!  It was so easy.  I have to give props to my friend Julie who gave me this idea because she had made one for her little girl and I just had to have one too for Darcie!  This makes it so much easier to find the bow you want and you actually have the pair right together!  Imagine that! 

Alright, here are the items you need and the general instructions:

Items you need:
Glue Gun
Foam Board (I bought a piece that was 1/4 inch thick and it measured 20 inches by 35 inches and I cut it
                         down to  20x15)  You can make it whatever size you want to!

                                                   Picture of the side of the Foam Board
Fabric (enough to cover the piece of foam you cut)
Ribbon to match your fabric


1.  Get you glue gun plugged in and ready to want it pretty hot.  Let it warm up to the highest heat possible.
2.  Cut a piece of fabric that measures about 2 to 3 inches wider and longer on each side of the foam sheet.  My foam sheet was 20x15 so my piece of fabric was roughly 26x21.
3.  Place the foam on the wrong side of the fabric piece and glue fabric to the back of the foam board being sure to pull the fabric tight so that there are no bubbles on the front side.
4.  Cut the ribbon strips to be about 2 to 3 inches longer on each side of the board so that you have room to secure it to the back just like you did the fabric.
5.  Adhere the ribbon strips equal distance from each other (I used 5 strips) so you can see how I spaced my strips out evenly.
6.  Adhere a piece of ribbon to use as the hanging piece secured in each top corner on the back of the board.
7.  Attach bows! 

I also added a little pocket that I sewed together so that I would have a place to put her rubber bands...I attached a hair clip to the back of the pocket and clipped it right on the ribbon just like you would a bow.  It works GREAT!  And, it is really cute!!!  :-)  Because...that is what matters!

You may not believe that this only cost $5 but with coupons and sales it only cost right at $5!  I got the fabric for $3 at Hobby Lobby.  The foam board was $1.99 but with a coupon it was only $1.20.  Then the spool of ribbon was 50% off of 1.99 which made that $1.00.  So the grand total is $5.20!  

Hope you make one for your little girl!  It is SOOOOO worth it!  I can't say that enough!  Have a great day and remember, it is always homemade!


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