Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Teacher Gifts

I sent my son's teachers their Easter Gifts to school today! Yes, I am a little late...last week at this time I had the cards done but just didn't get the bags put together in time and I could have done it myself and gotten it done in time but Harrison wanted to help (and I wanted him to) so they had to wait an extra week...better late than never, right?

The apple card above went to his primary teacher, the music note card to his music teacher, and the other two packs went to their helpers. The apple card and the music note card are pretty self explanatory. They were fun to make and I think they will be a big hit! The flowered card is so cute and so quick and easy that it is one of my go-to designs when I am in a pinch. I ran 4 different colors of cards through my Cuttlebug with this flowered design and then you just ink the embossed image and you call it quits! It is very well received and a blank card that anyone can use for a quick note.

I hope you enjoy these cards and I hope it inspires you to do some themed cards! Hve a great day and remember, the best gift is always homemade!


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