Sunday, April 1, 2012

Four-Patch Quilt Square

So, several months ago, I went through my quilting box (one of those clear containers that rolls under a bed) and found so many projects that are, my new goal, when I am not paper-crafting, I am going to start working on these unfinished quilts that are just sitting under my bed, getting old!  Here is the first one that I plan to complete.  We lived in Lubbock, Texas for 3 years while my husband worked on his Ed. D. (Doctorate of Education), and while we were there I caught up on scrapbooking and quilted A LOT!  He was not at home much because he was working at the school so much that I had plenty of time to do things that I never had time to do before.  (That was a long sentence!)  Anyway, I made several quilts while we lived there and started several more.  When we lived in Lubbock I attended a monthly quilt block class at the Bernina shop in town.  It was one Saturday a month and each month, they gave you a quilt square to work on for that month ahead along with the material that you needed to complete it.  It was an AWESOME class.  It was totally FREE too which made it even better!  I learned so much and made so many blocks.  Well, those are sitting in my container as well.  All I need to do to them is sew them together and get them quilted!  When we moved to North Alabama, we had a 6 month old baby boy that took up most of my time and at night when he was asleep, I was worn out  and didn't even think about sewing or scrapbooking.  Sad, huh??  :-)

So, now that I am a little more "together" and settled into a routine with two kids, it is time to complete some projects!  This, like I said already, will be the first one to complete.  My husband and I do not sleep under the decorative comforter that is on our bed.  It is soooooo hot!  So, we sleep under a handmade quilt that we bought years ago.  It is starting to fray in some areas and we really need another quilt to sleep under and that will be the purpose of this one!  We have sage green walls in our bedroom and this will match perfectly.  And now that I have a new sewing machine, I am motivated to start working on this once again!  Wish me luck!!  :-)

The picture below are the already finished pieces that were just sitting in a basket to be put together to finish each of the 42 squares.  I have all of these pieces already done so really the hard part is over.  Now it is just straight stitches!  I think I counted 15 completed squares, which means many more to go!  

I hope you all have a great week and like the projects that will be posted in the next few days!  Don't forget, it is always homemade! 


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