Monday, April 2, 2012

First Project on the NEW Machine!!!

This is my first project on the new sewing machine that I bought 2 weeks ago with all of my birthday money!!  Now, this is the most simple of all projects that are sure to be done on this machine!  You buy the fabric already smocked...all I had to do was the back seam to connect the fabric and the two straps.  I bought this fabric at Walmart on sale!!!  That is the best deal ever!!  I did not plan on buying this type of fabric but when I saw it, and it was on sale, I just had to buy it!  I also made a hairbow to go with it using the same fabric.  The picture of it is below...

To see a YouTube tutorial for this hairbow, just click on the video below...  I did mine a little different than hers.  I actually used hot glue as I brought the sides into the middle.  I also added the flower on top instead of a button.  Make it your own creation!!

Hope you all have a great day.  It may be a sewing project instead of a paper craft, but it is always homemade!!


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