Saturday, September 1, 2012


Believe it or not I have done 15 scrapbook pages this week alone! I really think that is a record for me. I have just "been in the mood". Maybe realizing that I was 3 years behind finally gave me a little kick in the behind! I have been busy this week too, so I really do not know how I accomplished that feat. So, next week you may get an extra scrapbook layout or two to keep you excited about getting to your scrapbook area and to working on something! Today begins a three day weekend for most so if you get a chance, try to do one layout a day this weekend. Try to sneak off to your desk and get something done. One difference in my work area and work strategy this week is this.....I have literally been working on my ironing board instead of my desk. I have a scrapbooking "station" in our room. Well, one day, when I get a room to myself ;), I really plan to have a table so that I can put together projects while standing up. I am up and down out of my chair so much when I work that standing up at a counter top of some kind would really help me when it comes too putting stuff together. We have one of those ironing boards that hang on the closet door and then folds out when you need it so, what I have been doing is before I even get ready to scrap, I have been collecting all the items from my desk and drawers that I think I might use and laying those on my bed which is near my ironing board and then I get to work on the ironing board where I can stand up. No, it isn't the most flat or hard surface, but it is working right now. It also makes me clean up everything each day as well....because, unlike my desk, I have to clean it up to sleep or get into my closet. If I need to stamp or do anything else on the layout that needs a flat surface, I do that last and take my project to my table and finish it up. One other thing that I have been doing as well is placing the pictures, mat them or not, and then basically just embellishing the journal area (as you have seen in my last two pages). It works out great for me because it is simple to lay out the pictures and then all I have to "decorate" is the journalist area. I have really liked my pages that I have done this week with that strategy. I scrapbook different that layouts do not have tons of embellishments. I like the way others embellish, I just can't waist that much time on one page. I would be 10 years behind if I didn't put millions of pictures (like I do) on one page. I pack them on there. Also, I have cut down on the amount of pictures I try to put on my pages (believe it or not) because many of my one page layouts really would have been two if I had not thrown away several pictures. I feel like I am waisting money by throwing them away, but I am saving by only doing one page instead of two right? Also, time is money, right? week starts my first series on my blog. It will begin Monday and will run each Monday through the month of September. It will be taking the mini cards that you can purchase on a 12x12 sheet and using them as "sketches" for a card. It has been really fun creating these cards and I hope you enjoy the series. I plan to have a different series each month for the rest of the year. Lots of fun things coming up! Monday begins the week with TWO videos on how-to work this series into your card making with two ideas on how to use these mini cards when you make cards. I hope you all have a great holiday weekend and lots of time to sit back, relax and craft (of course)! Have a wonderful day and remember, it is always homemade. (Sorry this all ran really was divided into paragraphs but I made this post using my iPad and it doesn't work as well as my laptop.)


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