Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Black and White Card Set

How cute and classy are these????  I designed these myself!  Aren't you impressed???  As I have said before, I get a lot of ideas from magazines, blogs and Internet search engines, but this time it came from my own head!!!  I made these one afternoon during my kids' nap time (which is the only quiet time of the day for me).  They turned out so cute...even cuter than I expected.  I don't usually work with white cardstock and here is the reason....YOU MUST KEEP YOUR HANDS CLEAN THE ENTIRE TIME YOU ARE WORKING WITH IT!!!!  And, to say the least, this is very hard for me!  When stamping, my hands get so inked up and it is hard to keep from touching the white cardstock and not get ink residue on, before you start working with the white, get a pouch of baby wipes out and keep them handy.  Always stamp everything first before you start working with the white card base.  Clean, clean, and clean your hands again.  So, once you do that, you should be good to go!  :-)

Out of these four cards, three of the designs in the middle are stamps from Stampin UP! and one is an embossed image that is inked with black ink.  The ribbon is a shear black ribbon and came from Hobby Lobby.  The "Just A Note" stamp is a random stamp that I got in a pack from Hobby Lobby...I think!  You can find similar phrases in numerous sets. 

The sizes of the white block is 2x 3 1/2 and the black piece is 2 1/2x4.  The white is inked around the edges with a black Versamark ink pad and the black is inked around the edges with a silver Color Box ink pad.  The card is a standard A2 size.  I hope you get out the black and white and start playing with it.  It may not be fun to work with but it looks so good when you are done!  Have fun and remember, it is always homemade!!!


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