Saturday, February 25, 2012

Tree Climbing...

Okay, so, I am not going to lie to you....this is a layout I did back last year sometime....I just didn't make it this week to do a new scrapbook layout.  We have had two weeks of sick kids around this house.  My son had a stomach bug last Monday and Tuesday...which followed with laundry for days.  Then when we thought we were over it and none of the rest of us was going to get sick, my daughter had an ear infection, stomach bug and a high fever for 5 days this, to say the least, I have been busy!!!  Yesterday was our first real "normal" day since all the sickness but we started it off with a four year old check up visit that included 4 shots, a finger prick and all the other jazz of a four year old visit!  I am making freezer meals today too and my kitchen has been a mess all morning but it will all be worth it in the end!  So, maybe next week we can get back into the swing of things!!!  So, that is my list of excuses! 

On to the layout...This is a collage of pictures of Harrison "climbing" in the trees with Daddy's help!  I cut the tree out and the grass border and adhered that and the journaling box before I placed the pictures.  I had just gotten my SCAL software and had found this really cute tree SVG and I was itching to use it.  So, I arranged the pictures after I adhered the border.  I think it turned out really cute!  I love the tree!!!  The tree stamp in the journaling box was an added embellishment that matched perfectly with the theme! 

Hope you enjoy the layout.  It was pure luck that I had the two earlier posts of the week already done and scheduled or you wouldn't have gotten anything on the blog this week!  I am already working on the first two posts for next week.  I have 2 videos for you next week as well.  I told you I would do some from time to time but this week both projects need a little more instruction than just typing!  So, lucky you!  :-o)

Hope you have a great weekend and remember, it is always homemade!!!


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