Monday, February 20, 2012

Origami...A Whole New World

One day last week, I was randomly browsing the Internet for card ideas and up pops one with three little dresses (just like the one above but much smaller) hanging on a line across the card front!  So CUTE!  It appeared to be folded like that so I Googled "Origami Dress"....and up popped SEVERAL different types of dresses that you could fold out of a piece of paper that starts out at 6x6.  So, I went for it!  I folded this dress (which came out much bigger than I expected) and another one that was cute as well.  I thought, now that I have a paper dress that measures about 5x5, what am I going to do with it????  I decided to make a card...if you can imagine that!  :-)  I made another one, since I liked this dress so much, and I am going to save it for a scrapbook page for my little girl...I am sure it will come in handy some time or other!  Anyway, so I inked the edges of this dress, put a white ribbon around the waist, put it on a 5x5 card, put two snaps in the top right corner and it was done and ready to send to someone.  I thought that it might be cute for a baby shower, little girl birthday or any other occasion that needs a "girlie" card.  Anyway, hope you enjoy and remember, it may be origami, but it is always homemade!


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