Saturday, February 11, 2012

Monkey See....Monkey Do

After we got home from the hospital, Harrison wanted to be everywhere we were with Darcie.  If we were taking pictures of her, he had to get his picture taken as know how it is when you come home with a new baby....the other child wants to be the center of attention too!  Anyway, these are a few pictures of the kids "doing" the same thing.  They are both in their seats, waiting for their pictures to be taken...well, at least Harrison is waiting!  Darcie could care less!  This layout is pretty self-explanatory.  The open pink area on the top right corner will be where I journal.  The thickers are white and glittery.  It took only a few minutes to finish (I know this surprises you) and it is one more page done for my daughter's First Year Album.  Hope you guys have a great weekend and remember, it is always homemade!!!


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