Friday, February 17, 2012


Let me begin by saying...."NO CHUCKLING PLEASE!!!"  Hope you enjoy the video and I hope it helps you make this cute owl.  I have to say, it is so weird listening to yourself on a video!  I sound so strange!  :-)

As promised, I actually did a video!!!  Wow!  I am not going to do these all the time, but I thought for some things, they might be appropriate and a lot of help!  So, here goes!  This is the Valentine Owl that I made for my daughter to give to her Bible Class Teachers on top of a piece of candy (see my post of 2/14/12).  They turned out so cute.  Enjoy the video!  FYI:  I do go off the camera a couple of times to cut with scissors....I will work on that!  :-)

Also, I think you could use these for NUMEROUS things...i.e. cards, scrapbook layouts...just change the colors and you would have a whole new look.  Have fun and good luck!  Remember, it is always homemade!


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