Thursday, February 16, 2012

Homemade Fortune Cookies

I got this recipe off of Pinterest and it was so good....I did alter it a little bit because for some reason my batter was not as "runny" as it should have, here is my adapted recipe.

1/2 Cup All Purpose Flour
1/2 Cup Sugar
1 tsp. of Vanilla
1 tsp. of Almond Extract
2 egg whites

MIX these ingredients...then add a tablespoon of milk at a time until your batter is the thickness of pancake batter.  You want it thick but not so thick that it won't pour out of the bowl.  About the same thickness of pancake batter is just right.  You now need to go to this link ( Post on February 12, 2012) and read the rest of her instructions.  Hers are much prettier and perfect, but I will work on that!  :)
Even though I went with her general recipe, I added the milk and Almond Extract and I did not put my batter in the fridge for an hour...NOT NECESSARY!!  Also, I used non-stick cookie sheets, which did just fine.

I put 4 of these fortune cookies in a take out box and sent them to work with my husband...corny, huh?  But, you know what?....He loved it!  He opened one every few hours and they had little love notes in them!  How fun is that???  You could do this any time of year, just to let him know how much you love him!  You don't need Valentine's Day for a fun occasion such as this!  That night, we let the kids dip them in chocolate and sprinkles, which was a blast!!  They are very tasty as well, which made it even more fun!

BUT, if you don't want to try and cook these cute little cookies, then you can always make them from paper...right???  Yep, you can and here are the directions!

1.  Cut out a circle that is at least 3 inches in diameter.  Apply red tape to the side of paper you want to show after you fold them as seen below.

2.  Take the red strip off of the small piece of tape at the top of the circle and roll it to match the other side.  Put the tape UNDER the other side about a 1/2 inch.  See picture below...
(If you want to insert a fortune, now is the time to slip it in the roll that you have made)

3.  Now, turn the roll over to where you are looking at the long piece of red tape.  Peel off the red strip and connect the imaginary "x's" that I have drawn in.  The paper will bend in the middle of the roll and will look like the last picture!

All done!!  How simple was that!

I will say that thin paper is MUCH easier to do these with.  Just want to give you a heads up!  Pick some cute paper, make some of these and send them to work with the hubby!  He will love that you thought of him!

Whether you made the eatable cookies or the paper ones, have a great time doing it!  My husband and kids loved it and I loved eating them along the way!  Remember, it can be fun and sentimental, and it will always be homemade!


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