Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My First Stand Up Card....Seriously

I have made so many different cards, but I have not made many different folded cards....does that make sense?  I have never made a stand up card!  They always look so cute, but I just have never done it, so here is my first!  As you can see, when it is opened the one who receives it can open it up, read it and then display it if they so choose.  It was difficult to try and type the instructions on how to do this (believe me, I tried) but I was even confused!  :-)  So, I did a quick video on the basic fold of this card and also on how to make a 5x5 envelope to put it in.  The final size is a 5x5 square card.  The sizes for the paper on it are just 1/4 inch less than the squares or rectangles they sit on.  So, have fun watching the video and go make a stand up card this afternoon!  Another picture from the front is below which is followed by the video!

Hope this helps you create a new stand up card!!!  Have a great day and remember it is always homemade!


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