Friday, March 2, 2012

When All Else Fails....

....SCRAPBOOK!!!  Well, we live in North Alabama and we were hit with pretty severe storms and tornados today.  The first round started about 9:00am and that is when we lost power!  It was calm during the middle part of the day and then started again around 3:00pm and is really not over yet!  We have one more line of storms to come through and then maybe I will relax.  I am originally from Florida and I HATE TORNADOS!!!  Everyone always ask me why if I could live through hurricanes, why am I so scared of tornados....Here is the reason:  YOU CAN OUTRUN A HURRICANE!!!   Anyway, to say the least I was a basket case today until my husband came home about 1:00pm.  I calm down a little when he is home during weather like this but I am still very high strung...just ask him one day!  He is the one who will stand out in the driveway and watch a storm pass by!  CRAZY!! 

So, to get my mind off of the weather for a little while, while the weather was stable, I scrapbooked my layout for the week in a semi-dark room.  Well, what are you going to do?  I mean, crafting is my relaxing hobby and so, that is what I did.  I did a cute layout in the dark today if I do say so myself.  I had to do it in the dark (so if the colors don't match perfectly, oh well) and I had to do it without the use of my, this is what we got!  I used the other origami dress for this layout since these were pictures of my daughter trying on her first dress!  I matted the pink and white under the pictures and added the letter thickers.  I then added the rest of the title on the pink strip at the bottom.  I used a white gel pen to draw in faux stitches.  I then added the date and the piece of paper on the left side of the page for journaling. 

So, it may be in the dark, during bad weather, but it is always homemade!


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