Friday, March 9, 2012

"Hairy" Situation

First of all, let me apologize for this picture!  The chipboard you see behind the page on the left IS NOT part of the page.  I couldn't find my other piece that is 12x12 and so this is what I had to use.  I guess I could have cut it down but I was trying to get these pictures done before it got dark outside.  Natural light is the best and it seems I usually take my scrapbook layout pictures at the end of the day or before a storm comes know, when it gets all dark and yucky looking outside....Anyway...

A couple of weeks ago I got these pictures out to do this layout and I just didn't feel like scraping a "haircut" page that day...ever feel like that???  Well, I set the pictures "aside" and I have been looking for them ever since!  I didn't put them in my usual "to be scrapped" file and I could not find them!  So, today, I ransacked my scrap area and found them!  So, I went to work on this layout.

I really liked this polka dot paper and I thought it would be so cute with these pictures.  I picked the solid colors out and started cropping and glueing.  I also really like the border sticker on each side of the paper.  I got this pack a while ago and love each and ever border that is included.  I have used them several times and still have a lot left to use!  I got it really cheap which makes it even better!!!  I cut the letters out on my Cricut using my SCAL program and the envelope was on my cartridge "Going  Places".  It is a great little envelope that I have used several times.  (Side note:  I am going to cut out several of these for my Smash Book that I am working on!)  I used the envelope for the haircut certificate, receipt and also this will be my journaling box.  I had also saved a snippet of his hair and put it into a clear adhesive envelope that I matted and adhered to the layout.  I got the title off of the internet.  I will be the first to admit that I am not creative when it comes to the title.  Many of my cute titles have come from my husband or someone else.  If you aren't good at this either go to or    Both of these websites are great to get your juices flowing.

I hope you enjoy the layout and that it inspires you to do that layout you just don't feel like doing today!  Have a great day and remember it is always homemade.

PS:  I just realized that I forgot to stamp above the snippet of hair "first snip".  I will do that now!  Oops!  And, I need to add a, where was my mind????


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