Monday, March 12, 2012

Up, Up and Away

My new stamp set from Christmas has been sitting in my craft area for 3 months and I haven't even touched it....can you believe it???  I can't either!!!  Of all the cards I have done since Christmas I haven't once used this new stamp set.  It is called Up, Up and Away by Stampin UP!.  It is a really cute set that includes several hot air balloons (on this card and envelope you see 4 out of 5), clouds (as seen above), birds and several little sayings.  You could do a lot with this stamp set and I am sure that you will see more of it in the future.

To begin with, I tore a green patterned paper into strips and glued them down to appear as a grassy hill.  I stamped my balloons onto white paper and then proceeded to cut them out...very slowly...that is not my best skill!  I then placed them where I wanted them to go and stamped the balloon rope of each onto the card base.  I then used pop dots and placed the balloons on the card.  I stamped the sentiment onto a scallopped square and placed it as well.  The clouds where in this set as well and I stamped them with white ink onto the card front.

Hope you enjoy the card!  Have a great day and remember it is always homemade!


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