Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Homemade Travel Smash Book....

Okay, so here it is along with a video of how-to. I made a lot of mistakes while making this...primarily in the order I tried to conquer this project...but, I will tell you how you SHOULD do it and then you won't have as much trouble as I did! It took me a few weeks to do this...a little at a time...but it shouldn't take you too long if you do it in the right order! My husband was out of town this past weekend and I worked on this thing diligently when my kids were taking naps as well as late at night each night! I lost sleep over this thing! Doesn't that make it worth something?? ;). I will probably make some changes along the way but I am generally happy with it right now! I hope you enjoy the video and the steps you should take before beginning this project!

Something else I thought about after I made this video is that I think before every trip that we take this journal on, I could cut out some shapes or words that would "go with" the trip and slide them into a pocket so that I would have some diecuts to use if I wanted to.....for example, last year we went to NYC and I could have cut out small images of the statue of liberty, a taxi cab...etc. It would be really cute to have some diecuts with you on the trip to stash into your pages! Just a thought!

Steps On How-to Make This Smash Book More Efficiently:

1.  Pick you primary paper that you are going to use and cut into the same size pieces (however large you want them).  Mine are all 6x6 squares.  The cover pieces are 6 1/4x6 1/4.

2.  Make a pile of tags, envelopes, book pages, puzzles, scraps, tickets, etc....that you want to insert into the book pages.  AFTER you have pulled all these out, flip through the base pages and insert all your tags and other pieces.

3.  Make the amount of dividers that you want in your can make them regular dividers or you can make them with pockets.

4.  Ink all the edges that you desire!

5.  Put in all your stamps and any embelishments that you want to!  Stamps, paper clips, flowers...etc.

6.  Punch holes into your covers!  DON'T do it after you designed the cover...take it from me, DON'T do this!!!

7.  Design your covers! 

8.  Insert rings!

9.  You are done!!

Have a great day and remember it is always homemade!!


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