Monday, March 19, 2012

Toilet Paper Roll Album! Seriously!

Page 1 

Page 2 

Page 3

 Page 4 (of bottom album) and Inserts

Disclaimer about pictures:  My daughter spilt water, right before I took these pictures, onto the fall themed album....sorry for the water spots!!!!

I know this sounds crazy! I assure you, I thought it did too until I actually made one myself! It is so cute and great for small pics that you may have of a one day event, holiday or just some random pictures you need to put somewhere! I have made two....I made one last year around Thanksgiving and one this past week that is very generic in color and theme. 

I did not do a video for this, but if you go to search "toilet paper roll album with dawn", she has a great video tutorial, which is the where I actually saw this for the first time.

I hope you like these two albums above! The Thanksgiving one above, I may use this year and use it to write all of our "blessings" down in when the kids think of something that they are thankful for...they come up with the greatest things and sometimes you don't want to forget them. So, I thought this little album would be great for that purpose this coming Thanksgiving. The second one, I may give to someone....who knows. Maybe I will fill it with pictures! 

Here you have a great day of crafting! I am working on my smash journal daily and I almost have it done. My husband was out of town this weekend so I worked on it while he was gone. I stay up really late when he is gone and get stuff done! I can't sleep when he is gone, so I might as well do something crafty, right? ;). I hope to have it completed with a video to share with you on Wednesday...which, by the way, is my BIRTHDAY! ;). Once you reach 30, which was last year, birthdays don't seem as much fun! ;). Thirty wasn't so bad but this year I am 30-something....anyway....

Have an great day and remember, it is always homemade!


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