Monday, January 30, 2012

Boys....And Their Trucks

My son was invited  to a Birthday Party last week and the little boy loves trucks...or so I heard!   Once kids get to a certain age, sometimes it is hard to buy the perfect gift, so, as a friend suggested last week, I went and got a gift card to Chick-fil-a instead of a toy.  Any of you that have kids know that they already have too much stuff/junk to play with and a gift card to a favorite eating place is a great gift!!!  So, this is what I am going to start getting when you just can't find that perfect gift.  Anyway, I had to make a card (because that is just what I do) and so I found a cute cement truck and cut it out on my Cricut using my SCAL software.  How cute is this!!  It turned out really cute!  Hope this inspires you to create something today!  Remember, it is always cute when it is homemade!


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