Sunday, January 29, 2012

Superhero Baby Shower Decorations

Well, it finally came and went last Friday night!  My friend's Superhero Baby Shower.  She is having her third boy in March and her husband as well as her boys LOVE Superheros, so, we went with this for the theme of the shower too!  I had a blast making stuff for the shower...she really liked all the decorations!  It was kind of "out of the box" but it went over really well.  Here are a few things that were made by me and others for the shower!  Enjoy!!

Superhero Door Hanging
This was on the front door when everyone came in.  It is simply all paper and ribbon.  The squares are 8 1/2 x 8 1/2 and the symbols were cut out on the Cricut using my SCAL software.  She took this home to hang in the boys' room.

Skyline Board
This sat behind the food on the table.  This picture is hard to see but there is a Spiderman on the left hand side, swinging between the buildings, a Superman in the sky and a Batman on the right hand side on top of the building, facing the "Batman Symbol" in the sky.  The Batman symbol is made of vellum, and was created in my SCAL software.  A couple of girls came up with this idea for the back of the table and my husband and I created it!  It turned out great.  Adding all the superheros was my husband's idea! 

Superhero Lollipops

These were inspired by Pinterest!  If you go on and search "superhero lollipops" a similar version comes up for boy valentine ideas.  Their cape had hearts on the back and said something like "you're super".  I designed these in my SCAL software and made them Superman, Batman and Spiderman lollipops instead.  I put them into a little Batman can that I got at Target for one dollar!  I inserted a foam cone shape and stuck the lollipops down into it and covered it with black paper that I ran through my paper shredder!  Everyone took one home for their boys!

I designed this in my SCAL software as well.  I cut out the Superman diamonds and adhered the letters to them, hung them on black ribbon, and called it done!  So cute.

Diaper Cake/Burp Cloths
A friend had this designed by a girl she works with!  How cool does this look????  The Superman words and symbol are both iron-ons so she could take these home and make something with them for the baby.  She made these very cute superhero and robot burp cloths and table cloth as well!  They turned out great!

The Cake/Cupcakes
The cake turned out so cute, don't you think!!!  The superhero cupcakes were adorable!  We saw the cupcakes on Pinterest...they were just baby faces, but my friend turned them into masked superheros!  How awesome is she???  She did the cake and cupcakes and it all turned out so cute and yummy!!  I never knew she had so much talent!  :-)  We told her that she was going to become the "cake lady" now that everyone knew she could do this! 

The shower was a great success and it was lots of fun creating all these fun decorations!  It is always an adventure when it is homemade!!!


PharmacyCupcake on November 10, 2012 at 7:03 AM said...

Are you able to send me the templates for the lollipops please?!

Rachel on January 9, 2013 at 3:11 PM said...

Wow!!! This looks amazing!!! Great job!!

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