Saturday, January 7, 2012

First Scrapbook Page of the Year...

So, I did it!!  I actually accomplished my goal for my first were getting nervous, weren't you!!  :-)  I sat down yesterday and got out my pictures that were next in our family album....June of 2009!  Yes, I am that behind in the Family Album...that doesn't include my other albums that are just sitting, waiting for some new pages to join them! 

Anyway...This layout was quick and easy to assemble.  I had several random pictures from my father-in-law's 70th Birthday Party.  I actually got this layout idea from a Pinterest pin on how to layout frames on a wall in your house...see, you can use anything for an idea!!  I added the pictures in the layout (they are 3x3s and 3x6s) and then added a newspaper announcement his wife put in the local newspaper the week of his birthday.  I then framed the pictures with two matching sheets of paper and stamped a border all the way around the pictures.  I then used a border punch on the graph paper and inked it and I am going to use this as my journaling area for the page.  I added the "70th" with brown stickers to match.  Quick, simple and always homemade!


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