Saturday, January 21, 2012

Lost...Without You

Okay, so, get ready....there are going to be two "sappy" cards this week.  My husband is going out of town in a few weeks and I have to have a couple of cards to send in his, I'm sorry, but I hope you can use the ideas for someone you love!  Here is a card that I came up with but the "map" idea came from the Paper Crafts 350 Cards Special Issue.  They use map paper for several, I went and got the atlas out of the van (don't tell my husband) and tore out a page of Canada's map...I don't plan to be driving in Canada anytime soon!  I already had in my head the phrase "lost...without you" done with map paper but I just sat down and whipped this card up the other day!  It was fun and I know my husband will grin when he sees it in his luggage.  One time recently, I totally forgot to send the cards in his luggage and he was bummed when he got to his hotel room and started looking for his usual envelope of cards!  I felt HORRIBLE...I had them, just didn't put them in the, moral of the story is:  I WILL NEVER FORGET AGAIN!!!! 

Anyway...this week is VERY busy and I cheated this week...I did all the blog posts for this week last week...but, I still met my proposal of one card, one random post (craft/card), and a scrapbook page!  I am getting ready for my friend's Superhero Baby Shower at the end of the week and we have something going on every night this, I had to work ahead a little bit.  After the shower, there will be a couple of things posted regarding the shower decor but I can't reveal it yet!

As for the card above (that IS what this blog post is suppossed to be about) the base card is brown and is 5 1/2 x 4 1/4.  The piece under the map page is a patterned piece of cardstock that was in my scrap file and measures 4 x 5 1/4.  The map piece is 3 1/2 x 4 3/4.  I rounded all the corners and inked all the edges (you are going to find I do this a lot, it is a sickness, really).  I then tied the ribbon on the map piece and adhered the map on top of the patterned piece of paper.  At this point you want to go ahead and secure the two snaps in the upper corner.  Then adhere this to the card base.  After you have done all this, you need to stamp "lost..." and "without you" on a cordinating piece of paper;  I chose blue.  I then cut the words out, used my corner rounder and inked the edges (of course).  I used pop dots for a 3D effect.  Inside the card, I adhered the "without you" down onto the inside flap.  You're done!

You now have a cute card to give to someone you love and remember, it is always homemade! 

P.S.:  Maybe when my husband opens the card, he won't realize that I used the Atlas out of the car!!!   :-)


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