Wednesday, January 11, 2012

....NO, It's SUPERMAN!!!!

My best friend is having her third baby boy in March (she had twins her first pregnancy) and I and several ladies from church are throwing her a Baby Shower at the end of the month.  I made all the invitations for the event (with a little help from a friend at craft night, Friday night at the church building).  Her husband is a huge Superman fan and her two 6 year old twins love any kind of Superhero there is...esp. Superman, Spiderman and Batman!  So, that is how I came up with the theme for the shower.  The boys' room (all three) is done in Superman/Superhero decor.  They did a really cool job with the painting and decorations!  So, I went to work with the invitation idea.  My husband did help as well with the invitation "mock up" a couple of months ago.  He changed a couple of things on my original idea but I admit, his idea wound up looking better in the end!  (I had to mention his help, so that he doesn't get left out!  :-) ) 

Anyway...I cut the "S" out on my Cricut using my SCAL software and the yellow diamond as well.  I attached them together with spray adhesive.  It worked great on the "S" since it is not one whole piece!  I then printed out the Shower info on white cardstock, cut it out in a diamond shape using a template cut out on the Cricut as well.  I inked the edges of the white cardstock with blue ink and then attached it to the yellow diamond.  It looks so cute.  I know it is different for a Shower Announcement but whatever it takes to suit the theme, right?   

I know that Cricut sells a Superman Cartridge and I am sure that this emblem is on the cartridge;  just FYI if you don't have the SCAL software.  I know our Hobby Lobby has this cartridge right now for $28 in the clearance area.  ALWAYS check the clearance, you never know what you might find!  Remember, it might be "out of the box" but it is always homemade!


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